What do you think about my cover letter for this Upwork proposal?

Thank you for your feedback, here is the cover letter.

Hi there,

Could you please give me the opportunity to start a successful business on Upwork with your interesting job?

I feel comfortable with those tasks but please mention I have not worked on a similar project before. though you’d appreciate my skills in C, Shell and Problem Solving.
I have a good grasp of many other technologies including Python, Ruby, JS, Git, Regex, and some front-end Libraries such as BootStrap5… etc.

You could consider my success on the C-Piscine, a nice one-month professional experience because it was intense and interesting (a hard and fruitful project-based peer-learning experience in Shell and C).
I’m extremely comfortable with the Unix/Linux shell as I’ve been using it since 2012 for learning and personal use purposes.
You’d find me ready for almost anything, I’m an avid reader and learner, and I never give up :slight_smile:

I’ve chosen you carefully and I meant to find some challenging work.


I have solid foundations in C, Shell, Version Control, and much other stuff, I feel comfortable with the mentioned tasks. feel free to have me on a light videoconference. I’ll be grateful for having me work for your respectable company. I won’t make you down. let’s meet.


This was the proposal:

The Senior C Developer performs research, analysis, and evaluation of existing or new software applications and operating system needs, and deals with the design, development, testing, and maintenance of software solutions that meet these needs.


C development experience under Windows/Linux/Unix,

Familiar with open-source developer tools such as gcc, autoconf, automake, cmake, gnu make, valgrind, git, svn, etc.,

Previously worked with various library APIs (libc, openssl, apache apr, expat, boost, pcre, etc.),

Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

Systems programming experience

Nice to have:

Scripting languages: shell, perl or python,

Multithreaded programming knowledge,

Crypto, SSL/TLS, PKI,

Network protocols on user and programming level,

Secure coding practices,

C++11 (or higher) and STL,

Development experience with distributed systems,

Good English skills,

Masters degree in Information Technology or similar.

Most importantly you should be a quick learner and eager to jump on and understand new technologies.

that’s too much information out there.

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