What do you think about my personal portfolio?

What do you think?

By the time I created this topic I noticed some images aren’t working anymore… Fixing them

Simple and clean!
The images aren’t working yet, but i like it’s simplicity !

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hey ruben. nice work man!
I think changing the color of the navbar to contrast with the body would make it look really nice. Also making the contact links in the footer the same color.
thats my opinion.
keep up the good work!

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It seems the nav “hamburger” menu on a narrow screen/mobile layout doesn’t work.
The contact me section is just a series of tiny icons. This would not pass accessibility guidelines.

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  1. Bulma does not come with any JavaScript, you need to toggle the .is-active class yourself.

Implementation examples:

  1. The images load in Firefox, but fail in Chrome (403). If you change the imgur links to use http instead of https, they load in Chrome. Might want to use a different image host.

We allow hotlinking on forums, but hotlinked images cannot be used as content for a website, including blog posts, avatars, site elements, and advertising. Source

  1. The portfolio items should really be equal height (article element inside column), looking at the Bulma documentation i can’t seem to find the answer. However adding height: 100%; to the article does seem to work. If you want to stick with the framework style you can make a utility class, say .full-height and add the class to the article elements.

  2. I would wrap the article in the a tag instead of just the image. If you don’t want the text-decoration on the h1 you have to overwrite Bulma’s style, again you can make a utility class, or just use the .project-tile class. You likely have to use !important for the overwrite (which in this case is fine to do).