What Do You Think About My Project?

Hello guys, I’m new here at freecodecamp, but not new in coding I’m learning for 2 months now… I recently Created a project, and i want your feedback…

Project 1: https://codepen.io/JayBTClover/pen/OJVYYqq

Project 2: https://codepen.io/JayBTClover/pen/vYOwwoV

P.S: First Project is not responsive, I can make it mobile responsive if I want to, but I’m currently working at new project so i have no time.

Question: please be honest as possible on what I need to improve.

  1. What do you think I need to improve?

  2. Can i have a job with my current skills?

  3. What should i learn next? flexbox or grid or bootstrap or javascript?

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can anyone please give me their opinion? I really want to improve

For the web developer page, it’s not bad but I think it needs to be more responsive. As I narrow my browser you’re keeping all of the columns, they are just getting really thin. You should probably be converting those columns to rows so you have more room to display the content.

For the apparel page, you are shifting the image down under the header as I narrow the browser so this is more responsive than the other. You even have a change in the menu layout. I would consider having the change occur a little earlier. At one point the ‘ABOUT US’ breaks into two lines before the change occurs. The big issue on this page is that it does not handle text size increases well. The content runs underneath the image. At certain widths the links at the top run over each other. I would consider using ‘em’ instead of ‘px’ to mark your breakpoints, that way your page will be more responsive to text size as well. Also, the light pink text on white background does not have enough color contrast.

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Thank you very much for feedback bbsmooth, I will keep all that in mind!

question tho, what do you think I need to improve? ex: positioning, css etc…