What do you think of my Hip-Hop Lyrics Generator? (Random Quote Machine)

Hi, everyone! First post here. I just got done with the random quote machine project, and made one using hip-hop lyrics.

It was a bit of a struggle to make the design responsive, so if something looks off, please let me know.


(btw I know it doesn’t pass all the tests, that’s because I first made a version that fit all the user stories, and then re-designed it to this version.


Good job! I like the design. Few suggestions.

  • You can make twitter icon change color to blue color instead of red on hover.
  • Give some margin bottom on mobile views.

Cheers :tada:

Yeah blue probably makes more sense than red. And appreciate the tip about the mobile view, responsiveness is something I’m trying to improve on. Thanks for the feedback!

Well legally you can only use it white or blue anyway :sweat_smile:.

The more you know (it’s harder to use a logo properly than to create a whole webpage :joy::joy:).

oh I had no idea LOL, good to know!

I really like minimalism, well done!

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I love the concept, what a creative way to do the project!!!

The only thing I noticed is that the right speaker appears to be in the wrong place on medium-sized screens in Safari, with ~900 pixels screen width.

Awesome job!

Thank you! I’ll take a look and fix that.