What do you think of my portfolio page?

I would love any feedback, comments, or critiques :slight_smile:
Thank you!

My Portfolio

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It’s nice but you need to care about colors the colors are not quite homogeneous
the overall design is good
pictures are not very clear
but at all nice work keep going and improve yourself

Hey looks nice! I would recommend to use .container instead of .container-fluid.

Thanks @BenGitter! Would you mind sharing why container over container fluid in this case?

Thanks for the input.
Would you mind sharing more about your feelings regarding the colors?
And for the pictures, they are pretty small and low res. Perhaps I should add a src set for a larger monitor.
What size screen are you viewing it on?

Hey, it usually looks a little weird on larger screens when the content is centered left (like your contact form) or when the whole space is used. In this case I suppose you used .container-fluid to have the images at the edges (haven’t really looked into your code)? But thats just my opinion. If you agree, though, you might try to nest a .container inside a .container-fluid and have the images as background-image. Or you could just set an col-md-offset-* to your form.

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Ah I get what you mean! Good points.
I’ll mess around with that :). Thanks!

I offset the form a bit and I think that looks much better, thanks for the input, @BenGitter!
Also, made the portfolio a single item per line for mobile and upgraded the images to a higher quality.
I had to keep the containers fluid because my full width color bars are tied to that and all the content for each is nested within it.

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I actually like the bright colors used - sure, it’s not a matchy-matchy color scheme, but they still all go together very well. You don’t have to stick with just one or two colors, after all, and I think that getting rid of one of the three main colors (the orange, green, and blue) would just make the other two look out of whack.

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