What do you think of my portfolio?

I made a small update of my portfolio and I would like to know what you think about it. I am also available for any kind of front-end work.
portfolio : https://rochelin-portfolio.netlify.app/
source code : GitHub - rochelin-shikamaru/PortFolio


Quite Cool! Nice job on the design.

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That’s really good. I’m looking at it on desktop, I assume it’s responsive to mobile as well?
It’s nice and simple, you didn’t go overboard with the animations. Great job!

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Very good Job. Also inspiring I like your design. I still have to make one for myself.

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Wow :scream_cat:! Amazing job! Hope I can do something like that one day.


thank you so much it’s push me to level up

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Thanks everyone :heart::heart::pray:t5::pray:t5:

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Yo, it’s beautiful and meanwhile i’m learning french from scratch and tring to build a calculator

thanks, I could help you with your calculator if you don’t mind :wink:

Yes, i’d love if you help me a little bit.
here is the code https://codepen.io/spoonerboy/pen/eYKBQqr is uncomplate cuz i stuck in the pass to add numbers in java and apper in the calculator when i click the button

Thanks everyone for all :heart::heart::heart:

:tada: Very cool site ! :tada: However, I found a few things that could improve it:

  • What do you think about adding an English version?
  • On the certificate images you should remove the background around the certificate (the background of the page is different from the one on the certificate).
  • It would also be useful if when you press the certificate, the certificate page would open. For example, https://freecodecamp.org/certification/xxx/xxx. You can also add a button under the certificate instead.

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