What do you think of my simon game?

Any feedback is welcome !

Minimalistic Simon Game

Looks good! Havnt seen one look like this before so you score points for originality. :wink:

That said, did come across a bug.
The game says that your wrong even as your copying the game.
This only happens when not in strict mode. If you make a mistake it breaks that part.
One mistake and even during players next turn, it still says “oops try again”.

Otherwise solid work. :+1:

You need to make the site more responsive, because while on a 1280 x 984 resolution screen, it looks good, on a wider screen or smaller (Ipad or mobile device), it does not look correct. See below for various screen width screenshots.

Wide Screen


Mobile Phone

Yes thats next on my list ! Thanks for the feedback !

Thank you for the feedback.Can you elaborate more on the bug ?