What do you think of my tribute page?

I will work on creating the responsiveness for the website tomorrow but would like to see what you think of this simple design. Also, remind you, I’m not much of a designer and I do realize I can clean up my code a bit.

But, let me know what you think or what you would do differently.




I like the minimalist touch. I would make the graphics a little smaller. PayPal is huge on my machine. Keep it up!

Great attempt, the page is fairly repsonsive and also pretty informative.
Your code doesnt seem to have any major errors, but here’s a few things you should note.

  • It is a good idea to include an alt attribute in your img tags
  • You might want to add a lang attribute to your html tag

The design part of your page is not too bad but it can always be improved.

  • There is a lot of whitespace in the page, this can be fixed by arranging your html elements better
  • Your header should be a little bigger, something that the reader would instinctively look at when they open up the page
  • your footer is a little too big

Another thing I noticed is that your footer says ‘click here’, this isnt necessarily a bad thing since a lot of us have probably done that before. You can read more about it and im sure you’ll appreciate the difference.

Let me know if there’s anything else i can help you with. Good luck :+1:

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I really like the minimalist style as well and also how your page is responsive. For me, the whitespace is a little distracting.

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Okay yes, I definitely agree. Thank you for the feed back! I really appreciate it. And I sure will!


First, thank you for taking time out to write me all of these critiques. I appreciate that.
About my html:

  • I totally forgot to add alt tags. I will add them.
  • I also will look into adding a lang tag (I guess I haven’t heard of using that type of tag before haha)

Also, towards the design process:
Thank you for your critiques. I really needed that haha. I will fix all of those and read about the Click Here link.

Thanks again,
I will definitely let you know :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! That seems to be the central problem about the design. I will change that!

Thanks again,