What do you think of the remake of this website I did?

I remade this business website for the 3rd time. I’d like your feedback. What is good? What do I need improvement on?


I think the design is generally good, not knowing what it looked like before. A couple things I noticed is clicking on “Monthly Specials” does nothing, and clicking on “Sno Cream” doesn’t go to “home” which is what I think I can comfortably say is what a user would expect.

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It is still a work in progress. I am aware “Monthly Specials” doesn’t lead anywhere just yet. And yes, I agree, I should have the logo click able that takes you back to home.

Anybody else? I am dying to know.

What about you @jwilkins.oboe ? You have commented on some of my projects before.

Hi @Hjb1694 !

I think your page looks good.

You might consider placing all of your content on one page.
Reason being, you only have one working nav link to goes to another page and there is not a lot of content on there.

You could just have the home page with the different sections like menu and monthly specials.

Something to think about :grinning:

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Have you looked at this site with Firefox? I’m not sure you’ll be happy with the results.

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@bbsmooth brings up a good point.

You always want to remember to test your websites on different browsers.
When I first saw your page, I was just using my default browser which was google chrome.

But you should test it out on firefox, safari and microsoft edge.

Also, you could look into the site can i use.

That will let you see the features that are supported by which browsers.

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Oh crap! I’ll need to take a look. Can you give me a hint?

Oh ok. Thank you for your feedback! There are things I still need to add, but I need to address the Firefox issue.

This is what I am currently seeing in firefox.

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Hmm…I will need to fix. Thank you for posting the image!

Looks like fit-content is behind a vendor prefix in Firefox -moz-fit-content.

You might just use max-content or min-content instead (still no IE support, as with fit-content, just FYI).

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