What do you think of this video

Hi folks,

I love FCC with passion. Code is my life and FCC is my tribe but found this on the interwebs:

And feel he is slating and discounting FCC and the wonderful community.

What do you think?

Just watched few minutes, it’s obviously someone who has no perseverance and shout at fcc it’s its fault ^^
Nothing to be worried about i think.
By the way,

3 hours/day, 3days/week OMG YOU CAN’T APPLY FOR A JOB AFTER TWO MONTH!

This guy is kinda funny o.o’

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Ha yeah he is - it is a kinda lame video and then tries to promote his content on Udemy…

Yeah there is alot of people who notice the popularity of something like FCC and use it to make contrarian content. Also there’s going to be people who don’t work well with the learning style and so see the ‘grandiose promises’ as misleading when really it just wasn’t for them.

…i think is a key point

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He’s saying that completing the FCC curriculum will not automatically land you a job. Nobody will hire you if all you’ve accomplished are FCC projects. This is true, you need to show creativity and skill with your own projects. What I don’t get is why he tries to vilify FCC and act like it’s FCC’s fault that people believe they will become a developer after only following a course.

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what did you say? why you delete it?

Agreed, no idea why he would vilify FCC.

I was bashing on him but there is no case. The guy is being humorous and sarcastic

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