What do you use to build webpages

I am about to start doing the 5 projects for the HTML certificate and I was wondering what program I should use. So far I have been using notepad++ for practicing, and I was wondering if there was something better

Thank you for the quick reply and the great suggestions. Codepen for now because I can see what is happening real time and catch my mistakes quicker.

If you don’t want to download anything you can always use codepen. Codepen is like the editor here at fcc in the fact that it will show you the changes as you code. Or you could use a editor like sublimeText 3 which is what I use. That you will have to separate your html and JavaScript in different files, and open your HTML file in a browser to see the changes.

Notepad++ is a great editor on Windows, I still use it myself from time to time. The only major con for me is that it doesn’t have up-to-date syntax highlighting for recent languages/technologies (like Vue files, ES6/Babel/JSX files, etc), but other than that, it’s a fantastic and fast editor.

Once you get more used to writing code, you’ll probably “graduate” to something more like VS Code though. Another good alternative, especially cross-platform, is Sublime Text 3.