What do you want to become?

With the knowledge of coding, what would you like to become?

What have you done and do you need to do to become that?


At the moment, just trying to enable myself to help express creatively in more mediums, web and code being one of them. I just started a few days back but I hope to be able to put in websites what I see in my mind and help express better to a broader audience. :slight_smile:

What about you?

I’m a coder because I want money to no longer become an object to me.

I can go to an expensive restaurant and not bat an eyelash when the check comes. The bill won’t leave a dent in my wallet.

No more going through a lengthy loan approval process for a new home, I just buy the place with cash outright.

Girlfriend drops a bombshell, “I’m pregnant…” Don’t worry! We’re good! I can keep calm and say “We’re going to be okay” and feel confident about what I said.

Technically, I can say that now because I don’t have to keep my fingers crossed when going through the subway line hoping I have enough money to pay for my meal. Though, I still have to go through several mental approval processes in mind before I lay down a large sum for round-trip tickets for two to Oslo, Norway. Slowly getting to the point…


I am still discovering my options. I want to know what options are out there and what makes each of them unique. Once I do, I want to decide which one I like the most, and then to focus on building skills and experience to become one.

What have I done? A few years ago, I learned basics of JavaScript. I am now working in IT.

I need to start from scratch to learn coding. I hope to discover more along the way :slight_smile:


i am a web developer, which i can write html code and css code to design a front end, but at the same time i have an interest in Android development, please i havn’t know or discover the original tarlent of mine. or can i do both together and making money from both. pls help me

One of the main reasons I started learning to code is to put an end to my frustration of not understanding the things happening inside a computer, hardware and software. Still haven’t figured out where I will go from here.

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At the moment, I’m learning a lot through this platform I like coding and I want to work in a app in the front or backend. I’m not working in IT for now.

What about you ?

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