What do you want to see on YouTube channels or blogs

What do you want to see on YouTube channels or blogs, that isn’t there yet? Or something you want to see more? I’ll start - I’m starting to see a lot of hyped videos of getting a job in tech within 2 months starting from zero knowledge. I want to see less of that - because, although it’s possible, it’s very misleading in general and results in a lot of bad expectations from self-taught people. Instead I want to see more videos of people coding their projects and see how they get stuck and get themselves unstuck in a problem. What about you?

Hi @kerledem !

I hate those videos too but they are unfortunately not going away any time soon. If anything, there will probably an increase because it is easy click bait.

Harsh reality is that people want a shortcut to success. So it takes not effort to create those videos because the content creator knows they will get views based on the title alone.

It would be nice to have some videos on reading error messages and debugging code. :grinning:

Also, I like the videos where experienced developers talk about their experiences in tech.

Like this guy

No BS. No frills. Just straight talk

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Thanks for giving an example, no BS no frills is exactly what I’m craving more of. Will definitely check out!

It’s not a perfect solution but I’ve hidden my recommended videos so I’m not seeing all these clickbaits :smiley:

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That’s actually not bad!

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