What does achieving my goal(s) look like?

Greetings - over the years I have done some stops and starts on learning programming. I spent 18 years as a business consultant and learned alot of sql querying and participated in numerous software design committees, but I fall far short of being an expert in SQL or a software engineer. I have ended up in operations and finance at a small local govt agency and I want to design some useful software from the ground up. Basically what I want to create is a Work Order system. Whenever I see a question like mine appear on some other major forums invariably the advice will be — why do it yourself? Buy something or modify something that is open source and save thousands of hours!

Ok, why do I write this at the beginning? I always seem to begin a course on SQL or web design and then lose motivation. I work better when I not only know my goal, but have a fairly clear roadmap of how I am going to reach my destination. My goal (Phase

  1. A web page (portal) were a customer can request a service, and that service can be placed on a calendar.
  2. A web page for operations staff to schedule the use of equipment such as trucks, bucket lifts, backhoes, etc… for jobs.
  3. A web-based management console that allows a manager to assign workers and equipment to jobs entered on the customer portal.
  4. Reports, reports, reports… reports on upcoming jobs, completed jobs, etc…

In summary I want to design a web-site that has a backend database of jobs and equipment, that will be administered from a web-based console for managers to control workflow and track results.

I am working with PostgresDB and currently taking a Udemy course. Should I attempt to learn Python to control and manipulate the DB? Is it correct that I will need a good deal of HTML/CSS? What about a framework? Bootstrap? Flask? Is Javascript what I need to learn or is there some other flavor that would be more relevant (NodeJS…) And if I manage to get data into my system, does anybody have any recommendations on how to get some robust and adaptive reports that managers can run from the management console?

Once again, I know programs that do what I am asking for exist. I want to do as much of this as I can on my own. I know I threw alot of questions out in this post…thanks in advance to anyone who reads through it and especially to anyone who replies!

A. G.

Hi A.G.,

I like your post as I see so much of myself in what you are saying. I stop and start my learning journey as well, which usually starts with frustration of not being able to get something to do what I want and being told it cannot be modified, so I start looking into it by myself and it usually ends when I get stuck and don’t know where to turn for help.

I like your idea of Work Order system and while I don’t have answers to your questions, I hope that someone replies to you and most importantly, that you don’t give up. If you feel like you want to complete it, stay with it. :slight_smile: