What does it mean by "300 hours"

At the end of the name of every chapters there is written that “300 hours” what does it mean

Hey @marufahmedshakil!

300 Hours mean, the chapters take 300 or less hours.

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it is a gross estimation of how much time it takes to get the cert, take it as a really gross estimate


You can use it to calculate your intelligence using this formula

let intelligenceScore; 
let actualHours = 10; // int
let listedHours = 300; // int
intelligenceScore = (listedHours - actualHours) / listedHours * 100;

console.log(`Congrats, your intelligence score is: ${intelligenceScore.toFixed(2)}%`);


Really, some sections may take longer or less time. Varies especially by user and previous experience. Believe it includes time spent working on projects, searching Google, reading docs, asking for help, etc. in addition to reading and solving each challenge.