What does it mean- solved posts (in your activity feed)?

I was looking at my profile here in the forum and under activity it shows topics, replies, and then on the bottom solved. When I click on solved it says “You have no accepted solutions yet.” What does that mean?

Is there a way to mark a post as solved?


  • Nao
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There is no way (yet?) to mark a post as solved. It might be an unused plugin for the forum or maybe it is something that will be added sometime.

@QuincyLarson probably knows why it shows a “solved” category.


thanks Ben :slight_smile: I was just worried maybe I was missing something.

  • Nao

@NaoG yes - we are using the “solved” plugin. It works just like on Stack Overflow - if you post a question, and someone posts an answer that solves your problem, you can mark that response “solved” and it will show up directly below your question in the thread.

We haven’t publicized this feature much, but it is there, and I would love for more people to make use of it.

So by all means, start marking good answers to your questions with “solved” and hopefully other campers will notice this functionality and start using it, too :slight_smile:

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@QuincyLarson How do we mark the good answers with “solved” ?

  • Nao