What does Link to GitHub account do and what are the implications

Hello FreeCodeCampTeam:

I just signed up and looking forward to the ride! I have a question about the “Link my GitHub to enable my public profile”. Wondering what this will do?

Here are my concerns:

  • I already have a GitHub account, paid subscription with both public and private repos
  • Is this link from FreeCodeCamp to GitHub READ_ONLY and just going to scoop my existing profile information (Picture, Bio, and location) or provide me with a single UID/PWD login to both sites?
  • Or will FreeCodeCamp, be posting code there “automagically”?
  • Just looking for a better understanding of what the implications of this are as there are some copyright concerns with the contents in the “private repos” I already have there and need to understand what access I am giving before proceeding.
  • I was already planning to host my solutions there in a public repo that I was going to maintain.

Anyway, if you could clarify, that would be great.

It’s just for logging in. It pulls your Name and picture only and uses your name for your certificates.

FreeCodeCamp pushes nothing to your actual repos.

Free Code Camp doesn’t publish anything to your GitHub (automagically or otherwise). I, for one, would like to see a way to save your work from the FCC console to your GitHub account. That functionality doesn’t exist though.

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Hey, Jackson and Ariel,

Thanks for the response. This is great.