What else is needed (Portfolio page test suite)

Okay guys hello. So first off this particular project has been my most expansive learning process yet. I totally love it.
Now I need help:

  1. How can I resize the slider images for smaller viewports, I have tried to use background-size: contain, and other varieties of background-size styling; none work.

  2. Most importantly these test suites can be quite stubborn lol. I have no idea what to do to pass the last two, I have tried everything. Please help me lest I faint here.

Go head and share your app for us to look at.

ooops my bad

All solved now. It was all my fault
please do review the project tho

Looks pretty good!

There is too much space under your social icons though.


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Yea i thought so I think a nice packground color will make it less obvious
or I would just have to increase the footer height

Give some more top bottom padding for each section and

body {
  line-height: 2;

i think so

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Thank you Jitanpr. I would implement that and see how it looks