What else to do while doing courses?

I finished HTML and CSS courses and now I’m doing JavaScript. But I feel like I should be learning more. Am I wrong? If not what are other ways to learn? Are books usefull?

Hi there @srki.sanadrovic!

I feel the same way like you. There are heaps and heaps of free learning resources out there in the web. As speaking of me, I’ve finished the responsive web design, and Im now on the projects over there. Before starting the projects, I’ve downloaded a book about html-css and read it all over, just to get the things straight in my head. In my case, it helped me very much! And of course, like I say all the time, read-search-ask is a great method for self-learning. There is a great article from the FCC.

I think thst after you learn a subject or just start projects, just find a “head-first” book about the subject, maybe in your native language, in case it’s not English.

Good luck and happy coding!

Thank you for advice.

If you have further questions, always welcomed :grin:

Hey Srdjan.

In the end, I/we don’t know if you are wrong or right.

I think projects are awesome.
Diving into a project and learn new stuff when needed.
This is also the approach how I would use FCC.
Did you finish the FCC HTML/CSS Projects?

I did finish all 5 projects. And while I am currently learning JS, I am also redoing them, making them better.

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