What exactly are the requirements for a junior web developer job?

What exactly are the requirements for a junior front end developer job? On websites like Indeed, it’s mostly HTML, CSS, JS, and maybe some front end frameworks and libraries. However, I took a look at some jobs on Freelance.com, and it seems most of them require experience with WordPress, PHP, eCommerce, and a bunch of other stuff I’ve never even heard of.

I’m now a bit confused, and I feel ridiculous for asking such a question after having been studying for the past 6 months.

How do I know I’ve got the basic requirements down? I’m going to start applying for jobs in a few months, and I just want to be sure.

It’s going to depend on each particular job. Every company will use its own preferred technology and would ideally like a developer who is familiar with them. You can’t be the ideal candidate for every job. Just apply anyway.

Freelance.com is a website for freelancing, people want you to do stuff. A junior developer is a position where you have some room to make mistakes and learn with your coworkers, you have no room for that in freelancing.
As for your question, it depends. Take a look at https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/, https://codepen.io/jobs or other job boards for your local area, type in “Junior front end developer” and you’ll be able to figure it out quite quickly.
As a general requirement, you only need mediocre HTML/CSS/JS skills for small local companies. Bigger companies often ask you to be more skilled at the basic 3, and it’s a nice plus if you have experience with correlated tools and frameworks (sass, webpack, babel, etc…).

Each region is different though, i recommend you to research the type of job you’re looking for and build your resume/portoflio accordingly.

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