What exactly is an Input

So I started using FCC about a 3 days ago. I am on the part where you have to make radio buttons. I get what I’m suppose to do and everything except for this one thing.

What exactly is an “Input” anyways?

Thanks for you answers.

An input could be different types of, well, inputs, just depending on what type you use. For example, for a checkbox, you would set the type to type=“checkbox”, like so:

<input type="checkbox" value="yes">Yes

This will create a checkbox with “Yes” beside it. Ideally, you would wrap the text “Yes” and the input in some other type of container, and the input would have a label associated with it, but for the purpose of answering just the input part of your question, I left that out. Changing the input type will change what type of input it is. It could be a radio button (“radio”) or a text box (“text”), for example.

Thanks, I understand!

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