What exactly is meant by Homepage? Implementation of Social Authentication

When doing the Implementation of social authentication challenge, one has to paste the Homepage URL on github in order to register a new OAuth application. I am using repl.it for the challenges.

Simple question:
Is the homepage

  1. The URL of the current challenge (not the URL that is passed to FCC but instead what is on top of the browser? or
  2. The page that opens up when I click on my username in repl.it? or
  3. The page that opens up when I click on home in repl.it?

Thanks for your help!

Hello there,

The homepage URL should be the page users would use, when viewing the app. So, the URL you pass to fCC for testing.

Remember, everyone (except for you) only cares about the Live App URL. The Repl.it edit URL is only meant to be for you. So, by ‘everyone’, I also mean GitHub.

Hope this is clear.

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Perfect thank you!!!