What exactly is this company asking me to make?

Edited post…

The image is supposed to change sizes.

Doesn’t my image change sizes as the browser is adjusted?

No, it remains the same size.

Another reason the company might have rejected you the way they did is because you didn’t use the code that was given (i.e., when there’s a textBlockRatio variable you should have used it), and didn’t take their hint (in the comments in the JS panel). Generally, when it comes to coding tests, you should always follow any parameters that the company specifies. Don’t try to take an alternate approach unless the company specifically says that it’s ok—taking an alternate approach will make you look like someone who can’t follow instructions.

And if I were you, I’d be careful of what I write online about a company or its coding assignments.

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Just for future reference, don’t post interview questions vertbatim, with all the reference material, like this into the public. There is not actual confidentiality breach legally if you didn’t sign an NDA ahead of time, but it’s consider bad form, and could potentially negatively impacts your chances if you tried to apply to the same company.

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