What exactly should I put in About section?

I decided to re-update my portfolio page and I now I am wondering what exactly should I include in my About section. Should it it be a full paragraph, two sentence, or a whole bullet points of myself?



That depends entirely on yourself and the image you want to portray. Personally I keep it all strictly business - I am of the opinion potential clients who might look at it in the future, don’t really care if I like to travel to work in my wingsuit, walk my dog for miles each day, or any personal info of that nature. They only want to know if I can produce good work. They’ll not find out if they like me personally from a paragraph on a webpage.

I would say keep it relevant for what you think your audience wants to find out about you, after all, that’s why they’re there.

So if that means one sentence because you’re brand new (like me) or an essay because there’s just too much relevant goodness not to share is specific to you and your experience. Let your work do the talking - the words mean nothing without that to back up what you say. treat it like you would your CV and remember at this stage in the curriculum it’s just an exercise and you can go back and modify your portfolio as you move through the curriculum.