What happened to FCC?

I’ve been out for almost two years (maybe less) but I find this camp really different.
I left it green, I found it black. (this could be not a problem at all)
I left it clear and with a good pattern to lead, I found it messy.
I left it organised, i Found it confusing.

What happened in the middle?

I see in the forum, you speak aboout microcourses… where are they? Whare the cv path are? :confused:

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this could be a good read, with a brief summary of last changes plus what will happen next:


nope, I don’t like that, I feel like they should leave us the option whether we want to do it that way or the old way, I prefer the old way of doing it.

It is a free resource. It is changing and we all must adapt and embrace the changes or not and get left behind.

we’re not talking about technologies that are changing here, we’re talking about the way freecodecamp is teaching people, I personally find it a lot more helpful this way and I’m sure a lot others do, so why not leave us the option of choosing whether we want the old way or the new way.

The funny thing is that the old way was a new way before coding challenges were developed. People didn’t like that. Old certifications were “retired” and new certifications were created. People didn’t like that either. I’m not sure what iteration of a complete makeover is now taking place but I’m sure people will arrive in the future that never knew the past and will love it.

It is however, open source, so you can feel free to grab an older working version and install it on your machine or a server and use it.

Although I do miss the green. it was much friendlier feeling.


I do like the green version, i was not because of the color, of course!
I know it’s free and anyone has to adapt or leave… but in the mood of a community, anyone can say its own opinion about the changes.
It was great before, now I can barely undestand how to use it, or how to move in it. And it’s not quite like a compliment for the usabilty of a web platform.
@OussamaBouchareb do you like more this way? Could you please tell me how to move? Where I can find the resouces (those microcourses everyone tlaks about - python, machien learning and so on…)

Maybe I’m just confuse remembering something different. I’ll probably like it again in a few steps.
But at first glance, it seems to me to have been dismissing… I was afraid of something like that ^^

The curriculum was given an update in May 2018 that included many new sections. You can read about the update below.

In October 2019, a fairly significant change to the UI was made along with over 200 bug fixes to curriculum challenges. There were a few new challenges added to the Basic JavaScript section (Promises and Recursion) as well. You can read about the update below.

To navigate through the curriculum, you simply click on the /learn link in the top right corner of the freecodecamp.org site and click on a certification you are interested. Clicking on any certification will toggle a list of sub sections that can also be toggled. Then it is just a matter of clicking on the individual challenges (lessons) in which you are interested.

These have not been released yet. They will be coming in 2020. You can read more about this in Quincy’s article here.


Ok! THANK YOU so much! :slight_smile: