What Happened to my stuff

I was working on https://learn.freecodecamp.org/responsive-web-design/applied-visual-design/create-a-horizontal-line-using-the-hr-element/ and it stopped working and all of the progress I had made to this point vanished. Secondly I am unable to use my permanent email to log in because the site does not send the log in number.

Enough people flipped out about the passwordless authentication that it was removed. You can log in with any authentication mode that uses the same email you have associated with your FCC account.

Thanks for that, Ariel Leslie, is all of my work still gone?

How do I get set up like with git hub, and what is forking?

Your account is still there. You should be able to access it via your email address. I’m not sure exactly how it works if your account never had a password. Perhaps if you sign in with another account that uses the same email account it will work. That’s outside of my wheelhouse though.

What exactly are you looking for help with in regard to GitHub? Forking is creating a server-side copy of a repository. Git and GitHub in Plain English.

Oh that’s too bad! I guess I should have chimed in and said I liked that feature.