What happened to right mouse click menu "change occurences"

Hey! campers,

For the last couple of days or so, we/I seem to have lost most of the right mouse click menu that gave you such options as ‘Change all Occurances’. Now we only have ‘cut or copy’ as options. I’ve tried it in a couple of browsers or so, logged in or logged out as a user.

Anyone seeing the same as me?


It’s intentional, here is the PR.

You can still use F1 and the some keyboard shortcuts still works, like Ctrl + D to select the next occurrence or Ctrl + F2 (Ctrl + Shift + D) to select all occurrences.

@lasjorg Thanks for the info, I didn’t know if it was something going on my end or what. I have to say that I’m pleased that the hover based suggestions have gone, that was making it a pretty awful experience when trying to click into an area of code. It is much better now :slight_smile:

Thanks again,
Keep up the fantastic work. :+1: