What happened to summits?

I remember there were summits every month - have I been missing out or have we stopped having summits?

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I was wondering the same thing.

I can give some history, the last one in March was plagued with huge delays and overall just a bad time was had by all. So last I heard the discussion was to move them to being just a youtube video. However, I haven’t seen any new Summits since March. So I am posted up in the core team room to see what’s up. Hopefully I will find out something today-ish.

Very curious about this as well. I would love to participate in the next one!

I thought they worked perfectly fine on Twitch. Once they moved to Youtube, it was a mess.

I attended each month. Sad to see them fall to the wayside.

Hi everyone, sorry I didn’t see this post earlier.

We have put Summits on hold indefinitely, and are focusing on asynchronous video.

As @CarlJKashnier said, these were plagued with technical difficulties, and every summit, some new problem would pop up - even though we did a sound check like 1 hour in advance.

A one-hour summit required around 10 person-hours to prepare for and record, time that is probably better invested in improving our community’s codebase, curriculum, and editing articles for our Medium publication.

It’s hard to communicate everything that’s going to all campers, and text is probably a more convenient medium to reach people. We are still optimistic about video, and are recording a lot of video challenges.


@QuincyLarson Thanks for the update! I agree it’s better to spend more time on developing codes, curriculum and the Medium articles. Medium articles are just getting more informative and fun to read with each post!

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