What happened to the fcc job board?

I recall the job board existed here: http://www.freecodecamp.com/jobs.

looks like its gone with the wind

We’ve retired the job board for now. A vast majority of employers are hiring developers to work on-site, and since our community is distributed all over the world, we didn’t have enough qualified applicants in most cities to justify taking employers’ money for a job posting.

We may re-launch this in the future as our community grows.

We will continue to experiment with ways to help campers get jobs. Currently, hundreds of campers are getting a job each month without our direct involvement.


I was thinking just today, “I wish FCC had a job board”. LOL. I didn’t know there was one before.

Quincy, if you feel that there aren’t enough campers to justify taking money for it, why not let them advertise for free? While it may not be necessary to have a job board here, it certainly would help some campers. I don’t imagine there would be enough impact on the server to even be noticeable, would it? Just seems to me like a lot of potential upside and almost no downside.

If you do reconsider and re-add it, one thing that might be interesting would be to limit job postings to employers who consider completion of one/combination of the four certificates as “qualified” for the posted job. The reason I like the idea is because then it is specifically tailored to FCC’ers and you won’t get a bunch of spam from companies just looking for free publicity. It would be especially for companies looking to hire entry-level developers with the skills taught here. They might have to answer a question like this, choosing the appropriate certs they require.

You are qualified for the position if you have completed (select all that apply)::
[ x ] Front End
[ x ] Data Viz
[ ] Back End
[ ] Full Stack

Just an idea.

P.S. I think a job board like this would not only serve to help campers find a job more easily but would also attract a lot more people to the course if they see employers are willing to hire folks with the specific skills taught in the FCC course.


That is actually exactly how we structured it before - and it took us a long time to arrive at that structure, so much respect to you for intuiting that it might be a good idea for a job board!

If we allow employers to create job posts without a financial commitment of some sort, we will attract a lot of:

There are plenty of other good job boards out there, and for us it just wasn’t worth the risk to campers, or to the legitimate employers who were giving us money.

Thanks for the detailed reply, Quincy.

How about a freecodecamp.com/remote-companies page?

It could be powered by a GitHub file that remote companies are welcome to add themselves to.

You could establish a very simple template like:

  • Company Name: Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.
  • Description; We’re a principally open source company; our core product, Discourse, is entirely FOSS. Discourse is blablabla (max 350 characters)
  • Experience required: You should have created something similar to (and as equally complex as) THIS and THAT thing.
  • Looking for: Primarily hiring “devops”, but we’ll be interested in hearing from sysadmins and UX designer/developers as well.
  • Hiring page: http://discourse.org/hiring (example)

We submit a PR to get listed, an editor quickly checks out our company to make sure we’re legit, and then we’re added to the listing, which is ordered alphabetically or even randomly if you wanna be super fair.

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