What Happened To The Green Boxes Timeline?

I usually look at my timeline from the green small boxes that shows me how much ive done
that day, or week at a glance.
Why was it taken away ??

Here is an example from when I first started back in May. - Its no longer there.
its one of the many reasons it kept me going.

I think that the recent update set many profile settings to “private” by default. If you go to your settings page, you can make your profile public and choose which information is visible on it.

even if its private, I should be able to view my own data.
It would make no sense at all if they only let me view my own data if its only set to public. just makes no sense at all.
Its my account, and I should not have to set the profile to public just to view my own data analytics on my own account.
They need to rethink what they are doing…lol

FCC doesn’t have a private version of your portfolio. You have access to your own data. You can download it at any time. The pretty widgets and so on, however, are part of the portfolio page.

I dont want to download my profile each time I want to see the analytics weekly green boxes just to view my progress.

Then don’t. If you want to see things that are part of the portfolio page, you need to turn them on. If you don’t want to do that, you can create your own analytics by getting your data from FCC. If you don’t want to download your data from FCC, then you’ll need to track it another way.