What happens after this?

What happens after we’ve finished everything on here?

Whatever you want to do. Create new projects, work on your portfolio to show potential jobs, go do more learning from other sources, etc. Everyone’s goals and the way they approach them is different

How are you getting on with the curriculum or have you finished already?

Im still stuck on step 12 for the cat photo app.

Do you need help with that step? It trips up a lot of people.

Yeah it’s hard to understand what there asking you to do?

No worries, I can help. Do you know how the Ask for Help function works?
If you go to the challenge which you’re stuck on and you’ve submitted incorrect code three times, the Help button will appear.
Click to automatically create a forum post which contains your code, a link to the challenge and an opportunity to explain what you don’t understand before you submit it.
If you do that, I’ll pick it up and answer it for you.

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Ok i went and did it…

Anyway, as for the curriculum, it’ll take a while but it’s worth the journey!

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