What happens when I add and remove "this"

In the submit function, I tried “userAge: this.state.input” and “userAge: state.input”, both of them work well in the challege, could you tell me why, and what happened or what is the difference bettween them? Thanks!

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const inputStyle = {
width: 235,
margin: 5

class CheckUserAge extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {
  // Change code below this line
  this.state = {
    userAge: '',
    input: ''
  // Change code above this line
  this.submit = this.submit.bind(this);
  this.handleChange = this.handleChange.bind(this);
handleChange(e) {
    input: e.target.value,
    userAge: ''
submit() {
  this.setState(state => ({
    userAge: state.input
render() {
  const buttonOne = <button onClick={this.submit}>Submit</button>;
  const buttonTwo = <button>You May Enter</button>;
  const buttonThree = <button>You Shall Not Pass</button>;
  return (
      <h3>Enter Your Age to Continue</h3>
      <br />
      {/* Change code below this line */}
      this.state.userAge === ''
        ? buttonOne
        : this.state.userAge >= 18
          ? buttonTwo
          : buttonThree
      {/* Change code above this line */}
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Challenge: Use a Ternary Expression for Conditional Rendering

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I think, since this would be referring to the object, this.state.input would refer to a value belonging to the instance of CheckUserAge. While just using state.input would refer to the atribute input belonging to the state variable that was passed to setState.

It might be worth using some console.log()s to see what values are being used.

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