What happens when you finish all 6 new certifications?

Hey everyone,

I wanted to ask if anyone knows what happens when you finish all 6 certifications? Is there still a final certification that says that you completed all of them? I remember there was something like in the old FCC (once you finished the capstone non-profit projects). If not I think there should be just to motivate people to finish them all and for people to “graduate”

A guy shows up at your door with a trophy. He should be there any minute now. Just go out and wait for him.

But seriously, I don’t think the final cert exists anymore. There are still some FCC open source stuff - check their git hub.

But remember that certs aren’t the point. It’s learning and building things. When you finish all 6 certs, start applying for jobs if you aren’t already and start building things, learning new techs, and looking for open source things to work on.

Ok I’m outside waiting, which direction should I walk in?

Yeah I agree 100% the point should be the practice and real world knowledge, it’s just that I remember in the old onboarding process they made the final completion a large part of the process, and having a big goal does motivate.

Eventually, you should be able to claim the full-stack certification. It hasn’t been implemented yet though, so you currently can’t.

It’s waiting in this pull request at the moment, but it hasn’t been merged yet.

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