What IDE/Editor do you use?

@alkapwn3d, are you using VS code on a mac or windows? Did you find yourself having any issues installing any features or libraries with Python?

on windows i had to add the python folder to my environment variables. just look it up on stackoverflow to find out how to do it. also i think i had to add the python path to vscode. if you get any errors just look it up.

i started using linux/ubuntu and i dont have to mess with any of that. it just works. not sure if its like that on mac

I use Vim and I installed a few items to make it work great with Python.

apt-get install vim exuberant-ctags ack-grep 
pip install pep8 flake8 pyflakes isort yapf

These extra items give me all kinds of warning messages while I am coding so that the code stays compliant with pep8. It also makes your code more readable because it is formatted real nice. The end result is that I am coding much better.