What is a github application

I am beginning dynamic web app projects and I am just wondering, why do we connect the project with a Github application.

Github is a service that allows your code to be saved on online server and accessible anytime and anywhere. Also, it is a great way to make your code public and since Git is a version control system you will be able to update your code changes made locally on your computer to a Github server and repository. Any application or code sample is for Github, regardless of technology. If you come into position to apply for a job you can easily share your Github projects with possible employers and providing them insight into your code. That will surely make a difference in job application process. Many open source projects and popular stuff is hosted on Github making it very easy for smart people all over the world to contribute with their ideas and solutions that will make the whole product better. That is true beauty and power of open source technologies that companies and commercial projects have to deal with. Sometimes it is fairly an impossible mission :wink: