What is a label text in HTML?

One of the exercises in Applied accessibility says “You learned about radio buttons and their labels in a lesson in the Basic HTML section. In that lesson, we wrapped the radio button input element inside a label element along with the label text in order to make the text clickable. Another way to achieve this is by using the for attribute as explained in this lesson”. But what is a label-text. I didn’t see any label-text being discussed

(link to the question:https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/responsive-web-design/applied-accessibility/improve-form-field-accessibility-with-the-label-element)

In this example “Name:” is the label text.

<label for="name">Name:</label>

yeah, got it. But the article said something about radio buttons being used with a label text. But there is no label text used in the radio button exercise in the basic html section

Maybe it’s a while back for you … if you want to revisit this example, these radio buttons need some label text to pass… https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/responsive-web-design/basic-html-and-html5/create-a-set-of-radio-buttons

ohh…that was a silly mistake. I started thinking that label text would look something like this <label><input type="text"></label>