What is a module file fallback value?

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export default function subtract(x, y) {
return x - y;
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Challenge: Create an Export Fallback with export default

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That’s what would be imported in case the import name you use is not in the named exports. So the “default import” is considered a fallback.

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before i answer your question, you should know the lessons regarding import/export will only be useful to you and more comprehensible, once you actually create a project wich consists of number of files and you need to import/export your code.
The default export, which is also used as a fallback, is what you will import from the file, if you dont point to a specific variable of its exported ones. For example i can create a file which consists of an apple object, a banana object and peach object and i make those objects available for import(export them) and also define a default export object called “fruit”. Whenever i wanna import one of the objects i can say “import the banana object” or “import the apple object” and gain access to it, from another file. But if i dont have a specific object in mind, i can just say “import whats in the fruits file” and ill get access to the default export, which is the “fruit” object. Ofc, the slang i used will be replaced with the proper codding syntax.


let apple={
  color: 'red',
  taste: 'sweet'
let banana={ ... }
let peach={ ... }

const fruit={
  'list of fruits': [apple, banana, preach]

export apple
export default fruit


import {apple} from './fruits.js'
import defaultFruit from './fruits.js'

console.log(apple)  /* { color: "red", taste: "sweet" } */
console.log(defaultFruit)  /* { 'list of fruits': [appleObj, bananaObj...] } */

*note there are different ways to export/import

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thanks a lot, helped so much

now I get it. thanks