What is a node and why is their 7 on my laptop?

could i be disrupting people by having these nodes running and not having the knowledge on how to remove them ?

In what context? What do you mean there are “seven nodes running”

Im new to all of this its probably nothing but i have alot of .exe programs running, i just wanted to know what they are ? i think i had nodes mistaken for something else.

They’re programs, you’re running programs on your computer.

i know its like informing a sandal on what pistachio’s taste like, im just asking cause im trying to learn what programs do what is all

Well we do need a bit more context - where did you see that you are 7 nodes? What is “node”?
Did you start the program or did you just look at the task manager?
What steps did you take to get to the point of having 7 nodes?

Especially in the task-manager, programs can appear several times. It depends on how they communicate their activities to the operating system and what different tasks they are doing. Browsers can appear several times, if several tabs are open and then there are some other background routines working which all are just reported as “chrome.exe” in the Taskmanager.

If I look at running processes in my phone, which is doing very little apart from having this forum open, there are 17, and all of those will involve multiple sub processes. My laptop has many more than that running.

It doesn’t mean anything asking “why have I got 7 programs running”. We don’t know. There’s no possible way anyone can answer that question without you providing more information. We have no idea what you’re doing, we aren’t in front of your computer.

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