What is a non-browser features?

“# ES6: Understand the Differences Between import and require”
challenge I saw a note as below:
The lessons in this section handle non-browser features. import , and the statements we introduce in the rest of these lessons, won’t work on a browser directly…

I don’t know what ‘non-browser features’ means?

It means you need more than a browser to work with these features, usually your backend setup needs to support it. In this case I believe it is Node.js (correct me if I’m wrong).

Without that set up the code wouldn’t normally run in a browser.


I believe this means that not all browsers support import and some other statements – whether that’s earlier versions of browsers or some browsers that don’t support it at all (such as IE). We use a transpiler in these cases like Babel so we can convert ES6 code back into ES5 — we can write ES6 code but the browser will run ES5

Thanks a lot!
I got it.

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