What is advantage of Elastic IP using with AWS lamp app?

Looking at some AWS manuals I see Elastic IP using descriptions and adding new Elastic IP
and applying it to existing instance ip of my hosting was changed and ssh command
line was changed too, as I enter into AWS console with command like

ssh -i /path/myaws.pem ubuntu@ec2-NN-NNN-NNN-NNN.eu-central-1.compute.amazonaws.com

But what I missed what is advantage of Elastic IP using?
Now my php/laravel/mysql project is at dev stage.
The production version of my site would be hosted at https://www.cloudns.net/ account/domain.

but I found AWS/Route 53 and maybe I will use it for production of my site…


Elastic IP means it’s a static IP address that points to an [EC2] instance. So you can shut the instance down, start it up, change regions, add services in front of it, whatever, IP address just stays the same. Logically, you’re dealing with stuff that could switch to completely different computers in different data centres at any point, so just having a single IP address makes things much easier. I mean, it’s free, there’s no downside, use it.

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Thanks! I got you point. Could you please also explain about using of Elastic Beanstalk,
when using Laravael/php/vuejs app ?

It’s a service that will provide you with a set of infrastructure tools tools you’re likely to want (database, load balancer, security stuff etc).

I talked about EC2 in the last post – that would be the server that the app would be deployed on. If you’re using Elastic Beanstalk, then instead of deploying to EC2 you deploy to EB, and it will set up an environment that includes one or more EC2 instances (which is where the server part of the app will live) along with some other services that are useful.

Actually deploying to EB or just EC2 is a very similar process, the former just gives you extra stuff out of the box (and is a layer above just EC2). EB is there because it takes away a lot of the hassle of needing to set up the services yourself if you need them (I mean, most of AWS is a hassle, but anyway…)

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