What is based on input[type="file"], submit,button etc order

I mean there have a logic behind it on order? As on AT (@) rules they are on top of document as on documentation for example.


Can you explain what you mean a bit more? What do you mean by local or order?

Sorry for typo I mean based on order. So have any logical on it? Or just write matter?

I’m still not sure what you mean, what do you mean by order?

Any logical like must set


before [type="button"] or the order is matter?

You need to be more specific than that, but do you mean if there’s an order when the defining the type of an input element?

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If it is what @Gilbert1391 says, then it doesn’t matter, they’re completely different elements so whichever way you want.

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Thanks! Yes! By the way just try to find any logical behind it in order type but I do a logical now as the order is matter! Thanks!