What is best technique for understanding new programing language?

What tips should kept before shifting to another language?
Guide me i just know the basic of C++ should i shift to C# or just stay on C++?

It’s more common to use C# (.NET Framework) for web development than C++
You can also use C#/.NET for desktop applications, mobile app development.

But C# is not taught here on FCC. Though there are lots of resources on the net, and Microsoft site.

Does c# support embedded device ?

Not well. For embedded, it’s usually C or C++.

Are you lost? This forum is for web development.

If you’ve a good reason to switch then yes, switch. But if you want to learn a language, learn a language, don’t learn the basics and then switch to another language. That means you’re just learning basics (which are easy), and you won’t have any knowledge of how to actually use it in practice.

Edit: C# is likely to be a lot easier to learn than either C or C++ (both are harder to use well), if that is a consideration. Probably easier going C# -> C++ than the other way round. It’s higher level, in exchange for losing some low level power you get a safer, simpler interface to work with. It’s not built for embedded though

I have a good resource guide for learning C#. Check it out and if you decide to learn it be sure to get the first book I recommended. It’s the best learning resource I’ve ever found.

a friend of mine wrong guide me he say that c ore c++ is just for understanding the coding environment you have to move to c# because it is advance level language as compare to c++

No, you would normally use C++ for more advanced tasks when you need low-level power (games, graphics, anything that needs very high performance). C# was designed as an improvement on C++ (like Java), and it’s easier to use and more consistent and great for lots of things, but it’s generally the opposite what your friend says. C and C++ are used when you absolutely need fine-tuned power. C++ is huge and unwieldy (“an octopus made by nailing extra legs to a dog”) whereas C is a pretty simple language, but the many many ways to trip yourself up mean it can be incredibly easy to screw up in both, it’s much more difficult to screw up in C#.

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