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h2 {color: blue;}

<h2>CatPhotoApp </h2>

// it’s asking to change the style to blue but when i submit it it’s not accepting it

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h2 {color: blue;}

<h2>CatPhotoApp </h2>

<p>Kitty ipsum dolor sit amet, shed everywhere shed everywhere stretching attack your ankles chase the red dot, hairball run catnip eat the grass sniff.</p>

<a href="#"><img src="https://bit.ly/fcc-relaxing-cat" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back."></a>

  <p>Things cats love:</p>
    <li>cat nip</li>
    <li>laser pointers</li>
  <p>Top 3 things cats hate:</p>
    <li>flea treatment</li>
    <li>other cats</li>

<form action="https://freecatphotoapp.com/submit-cat-photo">
  <label><input type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor" checked> Indoor</label>
  <label><input type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor"> Outdoor</label><br>
  <label><input type="checkbox" name="personality" checked> Loving</label>
  <label><input type="checkbox" name="personality"> Lazy</label>
  <label><input type="checkbox" name="personality"> Energetic</label><br>
  <input type="text" placeholder="cat photo URL" required>
  <button type="submit">Submit</button>

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Challenge: Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements

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Hi @dalli!

Your code passes for me. So maybe there is an issue with your browser or browser extension. I would make sure your browser is up to date.


it just did a forced update on me before i started

If the test is still not passing then I would check to see if maybe an extension is messing with the test because that can happen sometimes.

you were right, the browser was acting up. thanks for the help

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if the issue was a dark mode extension, you can switch on the fcc one in the settings

For the weirdest reason if dark mode is switched on it states that the colours are incorrect