What is Happening to FCC? Is FCC Shutting Down?

Hello, I’m still a newbie to FCC.

I’m having issues login in to FCC today.
I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this.
I’m always logged in with my laptop.
I logged in today but I couldn’t access the curriculum.
I then logged out again and cleared my browser cache and cookies.
But when I click on the login, its not coming up.
Its like the FCC site isn’t fully operational or something.
I fell like FCC shutting down?
Honestly I’m worried.

Does anyone understand happening?

Keeps taking me to this auth.freecodecamp.org

FCC is not shutting down. You may have been trying to access it while a server was failing, while maintenance was being done, etc. Also, occasionally ISPs, VPNs, or security extensions will begin blocking FCC (or, more often, our hosting service).

I signed up with FCC using my Facebook account. I recently just changed my fb password and now I’m having a hard time logging into my FCC account through facebook.

I sent a request through Facebook to FCC developers.
I can log in now.