What is IsOperator.test()

Hi! I am working on the JavaScript calculator right now. I tend to follow the example project, try to understand what is going on, then see if I know and under stand whats going on. Then put my own twist on it. I came across the isOperator.test() function in the example project. I have no idea what it does/is and can’t really find anything on the web/doc page from Mozilla (its burried in other search results for unrelated topics). I assume it just test for + = : ? / \ ! and other operators then returns true or false but I want to be sure. The example project uses these in ternary operators and I also don’t have a lot of experience with those so trying to learn and understand as much as possible.

Sounds like you should possible review the challenges in the Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification. All of these topics are covered there.

Do you happen to know what section? I completed that cert without taking all the courses.

In the Regular Expressions section. I strongly suggest you review all of the sections if you have not finished them.

I took a class on algorithm scripting in about a year ago in java so I had already done most of those projects in java before. So I skipped ahead. Never mind though, I forgot I named my regex earlier in my project XD. I guess taking a week off from my project will do that to you.