What is it here?

so if i go to my code in codepen the buttons dont work but in w3school it works is it the website or code? codepen:https://codepen.io/Not-a-bot-at-all/pen/VwKeRXM

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@mvalencia9707 You don’t need to rewrite html tag, head tag, body tag again in codepen

  1. You’ve to nest all of your input tags under single form tag.
    You’ve closed the form immediately after the first input tag(in codepen)

  2. required attribute must be added to the input tag itself, not the label(check your label tag for email in w3schools link)

  3. as mentioned by @AndrewAung11, You’ve to write only the content inside body in the codepen html section. Stuff inside head can be added in pen settings


Now it works thanks @AndrewAung11 and @mukeshgurpude.

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