What is JSON? Can I view it in a *convenient* way?

Hi. I am not a programmer, coder or someone related to this subject. Physics freshman now without past experience in programming and moderate grades in subject “computer science” or “informatics”, as it was called in my school. I’m Russian and not sure what is it called in foreign countries, my apologies. I’m just a guy who likes surfing Internet and stumbles upon some complications in the process. For example, I had a need to install Python package. I think “package” is the correct word. Something you install by typing “pip install” in cmd. Gallery-dl in my case, and many others packages from Gitgub. I need it for my hobby - data hoarding. I don’t know why, but I was unable to understand how to install packages for a long time. Only some comment on forum Reddit helped me. Very obscure solution and stupid of me, I think.
Sorry for this long text above, I just want to let you know how much tech-savvy I am. This forum seems to be friendly (tolerant) towards people like me who are not familiar with programming, so I decided to post there.
So, my current problem. I downloaded database on Github called “anime-offline-database” by manami-project (link: GitHub - manami-project/anime-offline-database: Updated every week: A JSON based anime data set containing the most important meta data as well as cross references to various anime sites such as MAL, ANIDB, ANILIST, KITSU and more.... As I see Github links are allowed here). There are two JSON files. Their purpose is not really different, one is just smaller than another. And my question is… How to use this database? I tried opening it in Excel and Access, which is dumb in the first place, but anyway it did not work. I read a few guides, watched few videos for beginners about JSON, but it was mostly writing this JSON files, which is I don’t think I need. In my view of things database is a set of rows and columns with convenient view, like something I did on my informatics class, creating database in Microsoft Access that contains, for example: student names, their student ID number and their grades for columns and, respectively, data for this columns. It is called relational model, yes? As I said, I lurked a bit about JSON and it seems to be the same thing (right?): we have arrays with objects which contain value strings. So how can I view this database in convenient way? Is it even possible? Is it required for me to understand, at least, some basics of programming?
Please, forgive my ignorance. If you can, poke my nose into some thread with similar problem or give a useful guide for it. Tell me if my question TOO obvious, I will be ashamed of myself and delete this topic.
also sorry again for many words and informal speaking in general. I’m sitting in my room with great interest but without any clue what to do next and that’s bizarre.

I just want to view it (database). Nothing more. I don’t plan to do anything website related.

If you want to just want to look at it, you can usually open a json as a text file.

I have a laptop right now, and it is very heavy text file. Laptop can’t handle it. And it is very inconvenient to view like this also, if I depict this file correct in my mind. Is there any purpose of such databases for someone not into website building?

I expect to view it as a table (rows and columns), which do not consume 10~ lines of code for one piece of data so I don’t have to scroll a lot. Also I expect to interact with it by, for example, view specific column I require, so I don’t have to run my eyes through other columns I don’t need. If this file is just a text file in JSON format as you stated in your first sentence of this comment, then it is quite sad.

Its a standard way to storing certain types of data, specifically ‘objects’. It isn’t meant to be used by humans in this format.

It isn’t ‘sad’, its just not designed to be used the way you want to use it.

What you seek is an Excel file of the same data. You can use Excel to import the JSON file into Excel and view it that way if that is all you want.


Thank you very much. It worked. I am happier than I’ve ever been. It turned out to be very easy. I just didn’t know that such Import feature existed.

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