What is meant by cloning this admin template?

I saw that cloning this admin template was recommended as a web dev project. What programming languages do you need to know to clone it, and what does cloning it exactly involve…?

Cloning in this context usually means coding something that’s functionally very similar/indistinguishable to the reference.

You can use whatever language you want to do this—but since it looks like it’s from P1xt’s Get Job-ready Template, it is probably meant to be use with other resources on the list, which focus on JavaScript.

It sounds like you haven’t cloned anything yet—if that is indeed the case, I personally think that you should really try simpler projects first, such as the one in fCC’s Back End Development Certification.

Ultimately, it depends on what you want in the end—many people who haven’t done all projects on fCC have gotten jobs. For example, if you want to be a product manager, you may not be required to know as much in terms of coding. I’ll stop here since anything else I say at this point is going to be speculation. :slight_smile:

Ultimately I want to go into UX, but a SE friend of mine suggested I get programming skills under my belt since I don’t have any working experience or a degree yet to be more competitive. I also live in a very competitive tech hub, so I’m just wondering what the best path to take is.

I don’t have a job and have never had a job in tech but your software engineer friend is probably right. The closest thing that i got to is that one of the programmers I have worked with before pointed out to my ex-boss that giving him just a design isn’t enough and he very strongly preferred a designer who could produce code that he can hook up his logic to.

That’s just one example, though, so please take it with a grain of salt. I’m really not in the position to give you any reliable advice on this, so I hope someone who have worked with a UX/UI designer (or is one) will come along to comment. :slight_smile:

I recall seeing a free UX/UI course on Udacity last year but I never ended up going through it—have you checked out anything similar yet? You’ll probably get a very good idea of how much programming skills is required.