What is MongoDB Realm? Can I use it for an Instagram clone?

I am trying to develop an Instagram clone but was wondering what database to use? That’s when I came across MongoDB Realm? I can’t fully understand what it is and how it is different from normal databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.

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here is good explanation:

Seems to be fairly new, that’s why I wouldn’t use it, because less people will be able to help you.

MongoDB is a non-relational database. It is also recognized as No-SQL. It should be noted that Structured Querying Language has nothing to perform with Relational Databases, and it is only a querying language. MongoDB is more beneficial in performance as compared to MySQL .

The OP was asking about Realm (which Mongo the company happen to now own), not MongoDB. They are trying to merge everything, but they are still two discrete, quite different things.