What is my mistake on Counting Cards

let count = 0;

function cc(card) {

    return (card >= 2 && card <= 6) ?

        `Bet ${count++}` :

        (card === "J" || card === "Q" || card === "K" || card === "A") ?

            `Hold ${count--}` : " "


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First of all, always include a link to the challenge so we don’t have to go hunting. Or use the Get Help -> Ask for Help button and it will do it for you.

A good programmer is a good debugger. And a good debugger is a good detective.

One of my first steps is to log things out.

What happens if I add this at the end?


I get:

Hold 0
Hold -1
Hold -2

Is that what we expect? I would expect that first one to be -1. You may want to review increment operator. There is a gotcha when you use it inline - easy to fix, but it often confuses beginners.

There is another big problem, but try logging out the returns for different values and see what you get.

Try to work on your debugging skills and check back if you get stuck.

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